About Us

Brand Aquarieneco is dedicated to designing high quality LED coral reef corals aquarium lights. After years of exploration in aquarium circle, we are well experienced in saltwater lighting, fresh water lighting and water plants lighting. Also our products are innovative in design and extremely energy efficient. 

We keep a keen eye for every minute detail from design, trial production, mass production to sales. Many series of finished lighting and LED decorative lights (OEM / ODM) that we have created are favored deeply by numerous clients at home and abroad.

Aquarieneco has been at the forefront of the LED revolution and will continue to provide the most advanced products to our customers and create the greatest value. Thank you for your rock-solid support as always.

Full Spectrum LED Light

• Much longer life span.

• Less energy than the other lights.

• No filament to break, so they could be considered more durable.

• Run much cooler than standard Fluorescents and metal halides.

• Allow the hobbyist to see night time activities of the aquarium, while the fish see no light at all. 

Blue and white LED light
  • Aquarium Blue and white LED light
  • Restore the ecological essence
  • More environment friendly and healthy
  • Simple design and convenient installation 
  • Good photochromism and light source, High luminous efficiency
Aquarium supplies
  • Easy assembly. 5 minute is enough.
  • NO more Complicate cleanning work! Easy cleaning.
  • Most efficient! You will see a crystal water in 1 day. 
  • Your tank will be thriving with the healthest water.
Clip LED Light

  LED Aquarium light is more suitable for growth of coral and plant

  Saving more energy than halogen lamp ect

  50,000 hours for operational life span

•  Safer for use