Noise in Aquarium
2019-08-13   Latest trends


Fish lovers hoped that their fish had a quiet, clean aquarium environment, but due to the influence of external aquarium equipment, there will inevitably be some noise. 
The most common is the sound of the aquarium water pump. The internal problem of the pump is to take the pump in the hand and hang it in the water of the fish tank. 
If the sound is still loud, it is the problem of the pump. Disassemble the pump and reinstall the rotor, steel column, etc. If the pump or pipe hits the resonance formed by the cylinder wall, move the pump or pipe so that it is not in direct contact. If the external problem of the pump is at the bottom, padding a piece of cotton or filter cotton or putting it into the base cabinet can reduce the noise. 


Source of noise


1. The noise of the oxygen pump inflating vibration can be padded under the oxygen pump to reduce noise.


2. The noise of the submersible pump operation, the submersible pump can be completely straight into the water, which can reduce noise. 

3. The noise of the filter box drain is generally caused by the water level drop. You can add water to reduce the water level drop or lengthen the drain pipe and directly extend into the water to reduce noise.